We are the School of Latest Trends in Journalism, Marketing, and Tourism

We are here to change and transform the traditional education model

Dynamic and groundbreaking training, tailored to market needs. All of this is provided by a team of experienced teachers in the sector who are eager to continue teaching and training.


This is not an environment where students are mere numbers. Instead, each individual is valued and cared for with personalized attention that is rare to find in today’s educational world.

Innovative Approach

Classes not only provide students with the opportunity to interact with instructors in real time but also foster discussion and debate in a virtual classroom environment.

Extreme Level of Professionalism

Each staff member is fully committed to their craft and strives to impart that same level of dedication to their students.


Meticulously designed to ensure that students become well-rounded travel journalists, equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in this competitive field.

Study Methodologies

Continuing education courses, specialization courses, master’s degrees, the hybrid master’s, and the Global Master’s.

Bastion of Learning

An institution that embodies excellence in every aspect. It is an outstanding choice for anyone aspiring to become a high-quality travel journalist.

100% Online Training

In-Company Training

Specialized Agency

Training Tailored to Your Needs

Live Online Training

  • You can interact in real time, fostering collaboration with your peers.
  • The live mode facilitates debate with the teaching team, allowing immediate questions and enriching discussions.
  • You can ask direct questions and access specialized knowledge during live sessions.

At Your Own Pace. No Fixed Schedules

  • Earn your STJ Certificate at your own pace and from any location, choosing the schedule that best suits you.
  • You will have access to your personal online area for convenient learning.
  • Enjoy exceptional support provided by our experienced teachers and industry professionals.

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