The most inspiring travel YouTubers: leaving a mark on the world

YouTube has always been one of our favorite windows to the world, especially when we have globetrotters as inspiring as the following travel YouTubers. Currently, this platform has become another search engine for many users who are looking for more graphic explanations. In fact, Google and YouTube searches come together to provide even more information to what you search for, so it is a good time to become a travel YouTuber and be guaranteed success. These travel YouTubers will serve as inspiration for your own projects as a travel journalist, and you will learn about new destinations or parts of the world you may not have known.

1. Wolters World

Wolters World (1.5 million subscribers on YouTube) gives honest 1st hand travel advice to help fellow travelers get the most out of their travel experience. He discusses the best and the worst parts of traveling so that you can be better prepared for your vacation in a way that helps you know more about the culture and people of the city, country, or region you are going to visit. From the shocks of traveling to a new country, to the things you don’t do when you travel, to the things you will love and hate, to general travel tips for packing, budgeting, planning, safety and more, Wolter tries to help all types of travelers. 

2. Kara and Nate

Kara and Kate (3.86 million subscribers on YouTube) are husband and wife from Nashville, Tennessee. They started their YouTube channel in 2016 and during all these years achieved the 100 country goal. During the pandemic they bought a van and spent two years traveling around the U.S. living in our tiny home on wheels. At the beginning of 2022, they moved out of the van and back into our suitcases full-time. They are currently having fun bouncing around the globe chasing our passions and interesting stories. They are ones of the most inspiring travel YouTubers for travel journalist.

3. Flying The Nest 

They have been documenting their life ever since leaving home and travelling full time around the globe and currently they travel with their two little kids, influencing around 1.25 millions subscribers. Their intention is to inspire others to venture out, explore, take risks and go on your own adventure. They have a passion for travel & videography and create “travel series” sharing everything from where to stay, what to see and where to eat when travelling the world.

4. Indigo Traveller

He is a videomaker specialized in capturing dangerous destinations from their streets and people. It focuses on unusual destinations or areas such as Mozambique, Libya, Afghanistan or Yemen to show the less “pretty” part and explain the harsh reality of the society of these countries. As Indigo (1,98 subscribers) explains in her YouTube bio: “Traveling misunderstood parts of the planet showing the human side of what we read in the headlines”. His videos correspond to a rebellious archetype, since through his videos he shows those parts of these destinations that are not shown in the tourist offices or on the news with the aim of denouncing or making this reality known.

5. Bald and Bankrupt 

Bald and Bankrupt (4.11 subscribers on YouTube) stands out for making groundbreaking videos and showing the little-known face of certain destinations, focusing on dangerous neighborhoods or their past. His high number of followers is due to his videos depicting neighborhoods destroyed during the Ukrainian war or a train of Ukrainian refugees. The videos that show the harsh reality of Ukraine during the war have accumulated more than 7 million views and make him stand out from the rest of YouTubers.

6. Eva zu Beck

Eva zu Beck (1,78 million subscribers) describes herself as a raw adventurer seeking the experience of feeling alive. Right now, she is living Expedition Wild – driving the length of the Pan-American Highway in her Land Rover Defender, which she converted into a 4×4 mini-camper. She posts one video every week explaining her solo adventures around the world.

7. Itchy Boots 

Noraly or “Itchy Boots” (2.32 subscribers), has ridden 160.000 kilometers solo around the world with her motorcycle named Alaska. A Honda CRF300L Rally with tonnes of modifications. Noraly, is Dutch and passionate about motorcycles, traveling and adventuring. In 2018, quit her job, sold her belongings and have been traveling the world fulltime by motorcycle since then. Over 40 countries later and now she is in West Africa, riding all over the incredible African continent.


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