What is travel journalism?

Travel journalism: narrating and exploring the world through stories

Travel journalism was born with the objective of moving the reader and transmitting sensations without forgetting the rigor of journalistic work. We delve into one of the most promising (and fascinating) professions of the moment. Travel journalism can be defined as a profession that crafts informative, well-written, and insightful stories about the travel industry and its many facets. This opens up numerous avenues for conveying information and showcasing the value of destinations.

What is travel journalism? “Our travel destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” (Henry Miller)

travel journalism

Sri Lanka, according to a tourist:

“In the city of Galle we will visit the remains of the great wall built by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Perhaps we will be lucky to spot a turtle nearby. Afterwards we will go to photograph the stilt fishermen (we can ask what area they are in). Then we will take a swim at Thalfe Beach, a very original beach with natural pools that we have seen on Instagram. Then we will have dinner at a restaurant in Fort Galle (I will look at reviews on Google to see which is the best quality-price option). They say that kottu, the typical Sri Lankan dish, is very delicious. And at nightfall, if we have time, we will visit a nearby temple where they make an offering with hundreds of candles.”

Sri Lanka, according to a travel journalist:

“A sea turtle reaches the wall built by the Portuguese in the 16th century in Galle. It sports a plastic bag, something common according to what we are told from the Hatchery turtle orphanage, open to the public […]. Stilt fishermen are best discovered by surprise on the way to Thalfe Beach, whose ancient holes carved into the coral to separate the coconut fiber are now lush natural pools. In the historic Fort Galle the aroma of kottu wafts from a street food stall (or the recommended Abacate restaurant). And at 9, the ‘diyas’ – handmade clay candles – are lit in the offering at the Shiva temple […] During the trip you will discover that Sri Lanka is full of serendipities (or lucky finds), a word that was once used He knew the Island of a Thousand Names.

travel journalism

As you can see, the tourist carries a suitcase and the travel journalist carries his own and truthful view. As if the destination were a tropical town where each open door invites you to discover a different story. That is the essence when we talk about travel journalism. In the 21st century there is a long line between the sender and the receiver. So we cannot limit ourselves to just traveling and visiting a destination, but rather take inspiration and raise awareness of the needs of each territory to enhance its essence from all possible perspectives. .

In this way, we could define travel journalism as a profession that encompasses informative, skillfully written and insightful stories covering the travel industry and all its ramifications. From this premise, hundreds of options are deployed when transmitting information and enhancing the value of a destination.

Channels and professional opportunities for travel journalism

The technological boom today offers countless professional opportunities for future travel journalists. There we have: digital travel journalism, a great umbrella that encompasses everything from renowned media such as National Geographic, Lonely Planet or Condé Nast, to corporate blogs and personalized newsletters for each type of professional, traveler or client.

Beyond writing in a travel medium, we can also rely on new audiovisual techniques. For example: create a podcast focused on the best beaches in the world, sell the travel photographs you have taken in Vietnam, create and edit videos or share gastronomic recommendations for each destination through a professional profile on Instagram.

But there is more. Content is king and it understands as many thrones as it does palaces: imagine being able to make a living writing travel ebooks or diversifying your role as a communicator through courses, workshops or teaching a master’s degree in travel journalism.

travel journalism

A new travel journalism

According to an IPCC report, global temperature at the end of this century would increase between 3.3ºC and 5.7ºC. One of the many effects of the climate threat that hits our planet. This translates into rising tides, the degradation of ecosystems such as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and even the sinking of archipelagos such as Tuvalu or the Maldives.

Travel journalism has acquired greater importance at a time. When leisure must also be transmitted as a tool for raising awareness under a common objective: promoting a tourism model based on adding value to a territory without extracting its resources.

The travel journalist has the mission of spreading the word about a new destination and its many faces. You may be looking to focus on the gastronomic heritage of an Indonesian city through local chefs, interact with the gorillas of Rwanda or, of course, recommend the most beautiful places in the city of Palenque, in Mexico. The ramifications of travel journalism could span the horizon, a vast ocean, a world apart. Because in addition to the suitcase, the world awaits your gaze and a new way of seeing things. But above all, your passion for telling sincere and inspiring stories.

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