The Best Travel Magazines: Different and Disruptive

Our first selection invites us to delve deeper into the best and most recognized travel magazines. Now we are going to complement the list with others that surpass the recognition they have had, due to their content and their form of distribution, mainly digital.

Traveling is an experience that is not only experienced by reaching destinations. A magazine, like any piece of writing, can also represent a travel experience. When we see an image, a report about a destination, when we read a guide, we let ourselves be inspired and blend in, as if we were in those places. Currently these trips are at our fingertips, whether on paper or digitally. Discover different ways to travel with this selection we have for you.

Different travel magazines that not everyone knows

These magazines often highlight unconventional destinations, remote locations, and authentic experiences that can pique a journalist’s curiosity and offer new ideas for their own stories. The stories and narratives presented in these magazines are often emotional, personal and deep. They can inspire journalists to find and tell stories beyond simple facts, focusing on the emotional connection with destinations and people. The images that accompany these stories are often impressive and evocative, capturing the beauty and uniqueness of the places visited. Are you ready to discover the most disruptive travel magazines?

Sidetracked Magazine

travel magazines sidetracked

It focuses on outdoor adventures, exploration and off-the-beaten-path travel. It offers inspiring visual stories and narratives about remote destinations and exciting activities. Sidetracked is a magazine in which they work: John Summerton (chief Editor, Designer and Producer), Alex Roddie (editor) and Martin Hartley (director of Photography) and many other professionals.

We create connections – with humanity, history, landscape and culture. We share meaningful stories that represent all life on this planet. Because, by creating an inspired community, together we can forge a trail for positive change.


Adventure Journal

travel magazines adventure journal

It offers a mix of outdoor adventure, art and culture. Featuring inspiring stories, stunning photography, and exploration and conservation content.

Adventure Journal was created to share the joy, stoke, and exhilaration of a life spent outdoors, from the buzz you get when deep powder skiing to the calm you feel beside a high mountain lake. Our stories are sparked on chairlift rides, on tailgates after long grinders, and around campfires deep into the night. How you define adventure is personal, but for us the common threads are curiosity, motion, and a hunger to explore the world.


Backpacker Magazine

travel magazines backpacker

This magazine, first published in 1973, is an extension of Outside, a portal that offers videos, podcasts, educational materials, applications and events related to travel. It is defined as a source of experts in all types of backpacking: tour guides, equipment reviews, adventure skills, among others.

If you like exclusively outdoor travel magazines, this is the magazine for you. The magazine covers outdoor sports such as climbing, mountain biking, cycling, trail running and even fishing.

Hidden Europe

travel magazines hidden europe

It focuses on exploring Europe’s lesser-known cultures and communities. Offers detailed accounts of destinations off the beaten tourist path.

We focus on European culture and travel. We also provide consultancy services in the travel area. We have also worked on projects relating to cultural heritage, educational development and Europe’s minority languages.

Hidden Europe

VIE Magazine

travel magazines VIE

Featuring stories and profiles of interesting people, inspiring destinations and art. It often offers an in-depth look at the culture and lifestyle of different places. VIE Magazine is characterized by feature in high-quality photography that captures the beauty and essence of the places they explore, as well as the creativity and talent in art and fashion. The magazine promotes sustainability, environmental conservation and respect for local cultures in all its coverage areas, from travel to fashion and gastronomy.

This and the last list of the best travel magazines were created by the School of Travel Journalism, the school of the latest trends in Travel Journalism and new digital professions, with training offers such as specializations and the main postgraduate degree, the Master in Travel Journalism.

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